The Session #81 Announcement- Scary Beer Feminists!

session  The Session, a.k.a. Beer Blogging Friday, is an opportunity once a month for beer bloggers from around the world to (virtually) converge on a single beer related topic, each bringing their own unique perspective.

This month’s November 1st Friday post is Nitch’s turn! AND YOURS!

The chosen topic is close my breast- Beer feminists.

Now most of you are sipping your pumpkin ale and painting your kids faces with cat whiskers thinking, “ohhh spooky! Nothing more terrifying than a witch craft beer blog hosted by a scary beer feminist.” Hold onto your broom sticks gentlemen because things are going to get puny!


The Session Topic?

Women in craft beer culture!

Sessin #81 is not an argument, unlike some past session posts. I’m not here alienate the baguette bearers, I have my opinions and if you want to read my posts about women in beer, then you can. If not, then fine by me.

But let’s also avoid this being another “bah humbug, let people drink what they want,” session.

As the saintly Mr. M. Jackson created ‘beer culture’ by focusing on the people behind brewing, let us too take one blog post to contemplate the cultural shift that gender is taking in the beer world.

Feel free to write about what you want as long as it is beer and woman related!

I would love to see some of our historian beer bloggers give a bit of  in depth back ground information on history of women in beer culture. Praise Ninkasi and what not, but were there male brewers before the fall of Rome?

Who did most the brewing in early colonized North America?

How is it that most current African brewers are still housewives while modern brewing is male dominated?

Do a feature on a woman in the beer industry!

Have you inspired your significant other to become beer culture involved? Call it, high five your beer loving wife day.

Are there any men out there who think that women in beer is a bad thing? For religious reasons, women aren’t allowed to tour many Trappist breweries and there are still French chefs who believe that a women on her menstrual cycle cannot make whip cream. (Truth.)

Woman’s palate’s are changing the direction of beer! Are women to blame for the recent increase in fruit beers? …

Are there any women out there who are crusading a flag of femininity while milling malt. Tell us your story!

How to participate?

-Write a blog post involving women in beer culture on Friday, Nov. 1st*

-Leave a comment or email me, letting me know you posted!

-Leave a comment here about women in beer

-Hug a beer feminist

-Tell others about the November long Session event: Scary Beer Feminists or a Healthy Growing Demographic?

-Most importantly: read other people’s posts about the business of ladies in ales.


Rather you view women in beer as a quant and charming equality movement, an awkward threat to the system, a refreshing beer culture development or if you yourself are a female in the beer world- Session #81 is a beer feminist forum!


*Don’t worry about posting late, I’ll do a round up towards the middle of November.

55 thoughts on “The Session #81 Announcement- Scary Beer Feminists!

  1. Nitch,

    I learned something new from your Scary Beer Feminists post. I did not know that “for religious reasons, women aren’t allowed to tour many Trappist breweries”.
    Thank you for the good words.


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  3. I don’t really consider woman in the beer world any differently then I do about men in it, they are the same, just with dramatically better breasts and drastically less facial hair.

    • Nitch says:

      That is pretty much the definition of beer feminism- for all to be ignored as equals!
      Women just so happen to grow balls of fat on our chests and stay baby face smooth our entire lives, these things do not effect hop additions. On the other hand, women have been so yo-yo’d from front line brewing important in 4,000 BC to objectified marketing tools in 1980 AD, that it is nice to have a few days in which to calm the water and appreciate those around you who aren’t as beardedly talented, yet still have the ability to spell Saccharomyces (and know what it’s used for).

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    • Carty,

      That’s very cool. You should hit some festivals here in the US. While the number of women is growing, it’s a very beard and belly crowd or a bro-fest. I’ve been in a craft beer bar or two where it was all men and you could hear everyone stop talking when a woman entered. Fortunately, women are taking their places in the beer world. Hopefully they can convince some of these dudes to shave their beards and for the love of all things beery, to stop wearing utilikilts!


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  7. Good topic. I like women. I like beer. Looks like I am going to take you up on the “Don’t worry about posting late”, though.

    I’ll see what I can come up with over the weekend.

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  10. As a longtime previously rare female brewer, I am happy to see the expansion of our ranks within the beer industry. (There were years when I was the only woman sitting at the table.) I believe that by banding together and naming ourselves as the Pink Boots Society, we women beer professionals have shown the light on ourselves and our work, which has brought media focus and the attention of women beer consumers. In fact, by being out there in the world as positive female role models, Pink Boots Society members are changing the dialog of what is possible in regards to beer and women, as well as the beer landscape.

    I see only positive things in the future of beer and craft beer by inviting more women to the table. The US has seen approximately 500 new breweries open each of the last 3 years, bringing us to about 2,600 breweries today, with 1,600 more registered as “in planning.” The only way we can sustain the growth of beer sales necessary to support this many breweries is through the contribution of women beer consumers: Every bloke in America who wants to drink beer is probably already doing so; Every woman in America who wants to drink beer may not be, but only because she doesn’t know it yet. Expanding consumer beer education is the key to the industry’s continued success, and women need to be part of that dialog. As an industry, we can’t get where we want to go/grow without women.

    Why is this still relevant in today’s equal-opportunity world? Because probably 1 percent or less of the brewers in the world are women. In order to equal the playing field we first need more women beer consumers. Once they get intrigued by beer’s history and flavor, we might be lucky enough to see a few become homebrewers. Some of those might take it a step further and decide to pursue beer or brewing as a profession. But you will never see a passionate woman beer professional who wasn’t a beer consumer first.

    Why is this important? It is important to me because my career as a beer professional has been the best thing to ever happen to me, and I would love to spread that happiness and joy to other women, who may never have realized it is a career option open to them as well.

    And besides that, women are damn fine brewers and have great palates!


    Teri Fahrendorf
    Founder & Co-Creator

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  21. Nitch says:

    NO SUCH THING AS LATE! Merely holding back for greater dramatic effect. You’ve all been such awesome contributors and now that I have the time to read through all of the articles with the attention they deserve I am gob smacked that there is such a range of opinion. I was worried that people would simply drop in a, “yeah, women are like men, but without beards, so what?”

    Thank you, Merci, Gracias and the pleasure has been all mine. Round up comments happening at the moment, waiting for all my gifs and pics to upload. #VisualAidGeek


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